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Bathing/Personal Hygiene

Did you know in addition to better health and preventing illness, focusing on personal hygiene boosts your confidence, self-image and motivation? Caring for someone who’s sick, they’ll feel better too!


If you could feel safer behind the wheel, wouldn’t that be nice? Even with limitations, there are products to help you and your loved ones with remaining independent and continuing to drive safely.


With all of the new and amazing products out there to connect people to each other, to services and to safety devices, isn’t it time to explore what could make your life a little easier?


Eliminate stress and frustration that comes with hard to reach zippers or pulling up socks after a surgery. Get assistance and remain independent with all of the new and amazing aids available.


Everything from eliminating spills to devices making eating easier for kids and adults of all ages…there’s always something new to make life easier and more fun! Get safety and style all at once.

Health Management/Monitoring

Never before has it been so easy to monitor, manage and get state-of-the-art guides to live healthier. Go digital or enjoy journals and multi-media guides. There’s something for everyone.


Stay organized and streamline housework to remain independent. Add function, fun and reminders…whatever you need…to get the job done with the least amount of effort.


Whether for you or someone else, there’s a wide variety of options and styles for organizing, dispensing and reminders to take medications. Ideal for home or on-the-go get a design that fits you!

Preparing Meals

The choices are endless! Containers, cooking devices and meal plans to accommodate dietary needs. Discover the variety of new healthy fruit and food packages that make wonderful, delicious gifts.

Using the Toilet

The #1 place for falls and injury among older adults is in the bathroom. Solutions to improve toilet/bathroom safety and keeping the environment sanitary are many. Take action today.

Walking/Moving Around

There’s a new gadget for about every area of assistance necessary to sit, stand, walk, travel or rest with greater ease. Restore dignity and independence. Get products to keep you and your loved ones safe.

The Sagacity Store, where we align Healthcare Products around your daily activities and health management needs.

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