About Us

Bringing personalized health management and effective care coordination to life.

We are passionate about helping people make wise health and well-being decisions.

Our singular focus is to help you connect the pieces required to facilitate knowledge transfer, achieve engagement and provide highly effective, personalized services.


Our Commitment


To accomplish these things for you, we are committed to:

  • Dedicating our resources to innovative problem-solving using technological solutions;
  • Providing only the most credible, understandable and current health information available;
  • ¬†Automating workflows to quickly and effectively facilitate knowledge exchange;
  • Combining a science-based approach with a contemporary social-engagement look and feel; and,
  • Utilizing a wide array of strategies to enhance and stimulate communication and personalized experiences across multiple constituents.

Piecing it All Together

Our Team

Blending a unique set of creative talent and healthcare experts, with decades of clinical experience, health analtyics and innovative technology expertise, we’ve spent our entire careers focused on knowing our customers needs and helping them get what they want.

Our Model

Utilizing an individual/family-centric model, we eliminate gaps in knowledge exchange by extending the communications reach and creating the ability to maintain critical connection points to virtually anywhere, anytime…in real-time.

Our Platform

Bringing the latest digital tools and talent together, we’ve created a powerful personal health information and care coordination technology platform. Our three-part philosophy is “make it easy”, “keep it simple” and “focus on personalization”.

We’re here to help solve your most pressing challenges…Whether you’re an everyday consumer or one of our client partners, the mission remains the same.¬†