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Welcome to Sagacity.Care! We Help You Make Wise Health Decisions.

The Leading Digital Personalized Health Platform for Consumers, Providers and Health Advisors.

No More Wasted Time

Get Health Information Quickly Tailored to Your Interests.

Coordinate Care Like Never Before

Improve How You Engage, Educate and Communicate with Patients Across the Care Continuum.

Trust the Information You Receive

Reliable. Evidence Based. HONcode Certification for Trustworthy Health Information.

"Pinterest-Like" and Personalized

Stay Connected with Your Doctors, Family, and Social Media.

What is Sagacity and How Does it Work?

Sagacity is the ability to understand and make good decisions.

Sagacity is the quality of being wise.




  1. the quality of good judgment
  2. having wisdom
  3. foresight
  4. intelligence

Experience the Sagacity.Care Difference

Information That’s Easy to Understand.

No More Lost Hours Searching Multiple Web Sites.


The percent of American adults who struggle to obtain, understand and use health information. (CDC 2017)


The percent of Americans on the Internet who spend time searching for health information. (PEW 2014)

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