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You deserve an easier, better way to manage you and your family’s important health information.

Sagacity.Care is the leading personal health information and care coordination platform.

We help you stay informed and connected to your caregivers, care providers, key documents and, if needed, even your financial advisors.





  1. quality of good judgement
  2. having wisdom
  3. foresight
  4. intelligence

Our priority is your health and well-being.  We provide you with the tools and information to make wise health and life-style decisions.

Don’t you deserve an easier, better way to manage you and your family’s important health information?

Latest Updates from Sagacity.Care

Introducing InfoKeeper

New Social Media Walls Released

The InfoKeeper Digital Wallet will change the way you store and manage your key health documents, insurance cards, keep track of your vision, dental and pharmacy vital information, and so much more. InfoKeeper organizes and simplifies how you retrieve information, keeping it all safely available at your fingertips. 

Up-to-the-minute social media news, from the nation’s most reliable health content sources, on hot health topics, special interests and disease conditions. It’s never been easier to keep up on the latest healthfare advances, recalls/alerts and educational news.

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Our team is available to help you, whether you are interested in scheduling a demo or have questions about one of our solutions.

Simply fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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