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In a sea of solutions, our personalized health needs approach and collaborative health management tools sets us apart.

At Sagacity.Care We Are Passionate About Innovating to Better Connect and Coordinate Health Care

We provide solutions that empower consumers, patients and their caregivers to partner more effectively with their health care providers.




  1. quality of good judgement
  2. having wisdom
  3. foresight
  4. intelligence

Quality of good judgement, Having wisdom, Foresight, Intelligence.

Your Needs. Our Solutions.

Welcome to Health Check-ups!

Check in on Your Health.

Medically Tested Tools to Help Identify Health and Safety Problems Before They Start and/or Cause Significant Harm.

With each Health Check-up, you get personalized results and recommendations based on your health status.


Could I Be Anxious? Self-Assessment Quiz
This CONFIDENTIAL self-assessment is a good way to explore your current anxiety level. It is not intended to make a diagnosis, though it is useful for determining whether you should see a doctor/seek help.
Could I Be Depressed? Self-Assessment Quiz
Entirely CONFIDENTIAL, this self-assessment is not meant to diagnose depression. This tool allows you to explore if you might be experiencing signs of depression and to determine whether you should seek help by connecting with your doctor or a mental health professional.
Home Safety Self Assessment Tool – Bathroom
Falls are the leading cause of injury, disability, nursing home placement and death in adults over the age of 65 years. In the United States, one in every three older adults falls each year.
How Healthy and Safe is My Living Environment? Self-Assessment Quiz
This CONFIDENTIAL self-assessment is a good way to explore the quality and safety of the environment in which you live. Having the necessary resources to support daily activities is key to your health. Take this quiz to be more aware of any risks you may face.

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