Working Caregivers Represent Significant Cost to Employers


By the Numbers: The Annual Costs Employers Face and The Upside to Supporting Working Caregivers

(1) Pfizer ReACT Gallup Poll and MetLife Study of Working Caregivers and Employer Healthcare Costs

(2) AARP and ReACT 2016 Study - Determining the Return on Investment: Supportive Policies for Employee Caregivers

Supporting Working Caregivers: Sagacity.Care Makes Innovation Mainstream and Effective

Digital tools and targeted resources are the new frontier. These emerging programs help employees better manage, communicate and coordinate their caregiving responsibilities, reducing absenteeism and productivity issues, while at the same time reducing stress and generating employee loyalty.

How widespread are these types of innovation?  In a 2017 Employer Benchmarking Survey (AARP and NEBGH), only 15% of employers currently offer digital tools to their employees. However, an overwhelming 89% indicated wanting this capability for their employees. 


In Three Substantial Ways, Sagacity.Care Helps Employers Leap-Frog the Hurdles to Innovation to Realize Savings

Utilizing a personalized approach, our digital platform provides a set of unique capabilities to employers seeking to provide working caregivers with engaging, effective resources:



We have been asked, 'How can you afford to do this?' Our response is, 'How can we afford not to?' Our program helps our company and our employees save time and money, and the return on investment is substantial.

Michelle Stone

Senior Program Manager, Work Life Benefits, Fannie Mae

If you are not a caregiver already, chances are you will be one day--and maybe soon. Bank of America goes to great lengths to ensure that our team members know that we want to--and we will--support them.

Jim Huffman

Senior Vice President of Employee Benefits, Bank of America

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