Searchable Medications Database

Are you looking for a source of information about medications that is easy to understand? Get valuable information from experts and access to the nation's top, credible medication data bases which also include prescription drugs, herbals, supplements and common over-the-counter drugs.

Searchable Medications Database

Are You Searching for a Medications Database that is Easy to Understand? 

Well, look no further!  Whether you’re looking for a quick summary on a specific medication, or you want scientific details on drug studies, we’ve assembled the top consumer sites.  Each are loaded with expert, credible information. Because most of us take a combination of over-the-counter and prescribed medications, along with herbs and supplements, you will find that information included.


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Do you have one list with the names of all the medications and doses you or your loved one is taking? And, do you know what the medication is for?
The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) has a simple tool called “My Medicine List” available in English and Spanish that helps you do the following:

  • Track all medicines in one place and why it is being taken
  • Enter all your information on the online form and then print it out to share with your doctor, pharmacist, nurse or any other healthcare staff involved in your care.  Oh, and it can be shared with your family caregiver too!
  • Keep a card with you in your wallet or purse to have in case of emergency
Is there a new drug being recommended by your doctor that you'd like to know more about? Are you looking for specific information on any clinical trials for this new drug?
Especially with new drugs (or old drugs being used in new ways), many of us want to see where the drug has been tested and the results.  With the National Library of Medicine’s Drug Information Portal, you can look up the drug and view the clinical trials where it’s been studied.  In fact, this same Portal makes the government’s entire Clinical Trials database available for you to search where groundbreaking drugs are being tested for speicific diseases (e.g., cancer, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases).
Is it safe to buy medications online?
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the online pharmacy is fake or legitimate.  There are web pharmacies that manipulate their site to appear real.  The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) BeSafe RX site provides consumers a tool to search all licensed pharmacies (including online) by specific state.  In general, the FDA warns us:

  • If the online pharmacy cannot be confirmed as licensed in the U.S., you should not use it.
  • All legitimate pharmacies require a doctor’s prescription (which they should validate)
  • The online pharmacy should have a physical address and telephone number located in the U.S.
  • A licensed pharmacists should be available to answer questions

Fast Facts

  • % People with High Blood Pressure Who Do NOT Continue Taking their Prescribed Medication, Placing Them at Risk of Death (CDC) 49% 49%
  • % of All Medications Not Taken as Prescribed, according to the FDA and the CDC 50% 50%

Now What?

Tools & Resources at Your Fingertips

Take Action

Search the nlm drug information portal

Access information to over 69,000 brand name and generic drugs.  Search other resources made available on important topics, such as vaccines, cancer treatment drugs, and mental health medications, to name a few.

Search MedlinePlus for Drugs, Herbs and Supplements

MedlinePlus contains information on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements and herbal remedies.  

Additional Valuable Tools & Resources

Search the ASHP's SafeMedication Database

In addition to using the Medication Quick Search database, check out ASHP’s step-by-step instructions on how to administer all forms of medications (e.g., drops, inhalers, patches, etc.).  And, be sure to take advantage of their medication tracker “My Medicine List”.

Search the FDA's Drug Information for Consumers

Browse the FDA’s Drug Information resources that include Medication Guides and access to drug safety alerts and recalls.  

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