Improving Your Health by Making Changes to Live Safely at Home

Resources to Support You and Your Family's Health

Improving Your Health by Making Changes to Live Safely at Home

Good Health Starts Where You Live!

Just like eating well and staying active, not smoking, getting the recommended immunizations and screening tests, and seeing a doctor when we are sick all influence our health, so too does the quality and safety of the conditions in which we live influence our health. Millions of people struggle with these issues every day. If you are struggling too, realize you are not alone and help is available.


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How Can I Find Resources to Help Me Improve My Living Situation?

Having a housing environment that is safe, clean and one that you can depend on is key to good health. Being at risk of losing your home or not having a steady place to live is stressful and can impact your physical and emotional health. Have hope. There are resources to help you.  Below are links to get you started.

Where Can I Locate Resources to Get Access to Food Support Programs?

Getting access to enough food to maintain your nutritional health is critical to you and your family’s health.  And, the worry of having enough food can impact your emotional well-being.The good news is that there is support available:


Are There Transportation Resources Available to Help Me?

Finding transportation to get to medical appointments, work or getting things you need can be a real challenge. Depending on where you live, there are many local, regional and national programs to assist you:

Where Can I Find Help Paying for Utility Bills?

Your ability to keep your gas, water, oil or electric utilities turned is a serious concern. You already know these are the basic elements we all need to stay safe and maintain our health. Don’t give up. There are resources available to help you.

Who Can I Turn to for Help When I Feel Physically or Emotionally Unsafe?

When your physical and/or emotional safety is at risk due to the way others are treating you or speaking to you there is help.  These are real hurts and insults that can impact your health. There is no shame to get help and it is an act of love to protect yourself and/or your loved ones. Below are several great resources to get your started.  However, if you or a loved-one feels threatened or is being harmed call 911 for immediate help.

How Can I Locate General Resources in My Community?

The American Academey of Family Physicians recommends 3 great resources to locate free or reduced-cost services for housing, transportation, food, and so much more at the following: 


The World Health Organization and Healthy People 2020 provide pictures to help us better understand the many things that impact our health.  What are some of those things?  Well, they include:

  • Access to Foods that Support Healthy Eating Patterns
  • Education and Employment
  • Quality Housing and Neighborhood Safety
  • Quality of the Air You Breathe
  • Clean, uncontanimated water
  • Crime and violence you are exposed to
  • Access to doctors, clinics and health services


Tools & Resources at Your Fingertips

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