Is Knee Replacement Right for Me?

Because this is a big decision, having conversations with your doctor and your family is important to do before making your decision. Learn what questions to ask, what alternatives may be available and watch short videos that give you stories from others who have had to make this same decision.

COPD – Breathing Easier with Aerosols & Inhalers

At first, an inhaler may look hard to use…but it is not. The trick is to learn how to use it the right way so that you get the full benefit of the medicine that is in the aeresol mist you breathe into your lungs. Learn how an inhaler works, how to clean it and watch videos that demonstrate how to use it.

What is COPD?

COPD develops slowly and worsens over time, making it harder to breathe because less air is going in and out of the lungs. It’s sometimes called emphysema or chronic bronchitis. Get answers to common questions, information about pulmonary tests and rehabilitation, as well as videos showing tips on how you can learn to breathe easier.

Oral Care & Caregiver Tips

Too few caregivers are aware of the need to place oral hygiene high on the list of care monitoring. Learn some obvious and not such obvious reasons why oral care in older adults is important for to help maintain, and valuable tips you can use, including where to find affordable dental care.

Steps to Preventing a Fall

At any age a fall can be life changing. But especially as we grow older, a fall can mean a loss of independence, a debilitating injury or even death. Discover specific ways you can take action to prevent a fall, whether from safety issues in the home, medications that can cause loss of balance and many other unsuspecting sources of issues that can place someone at a risk for a fall.

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